Privacy Policy

Seldom will collect user’s required personal information. The necessary information will be collected for applied reasons. The information will be dealt with utmost secrecy and it will not be shared with anyone outside the company without a concrete reason to do so. Even your credentials during payments will be secured using the Secured Socket Layer.

Maintaining Confidentiality

In some instances, the information will be required to track the credentials or to communicate. Some of the private information such as the user’s name, telephone number, postal address etc., will be obtained and it will not be disclosed to anyone outside this company but our staff will be able to access it for work reasons. Your private information is no way disturbed by any means.


Our website uses cookies from your web browser. Cookies will be gathered from the hard drive your computer. Cookies can help websites to provide customized responses to all the user requests.


There are certain ethics that are followed while retaining the user’s information. Our website’s policies will not approve of any anonymous access and it will provide assurance for the safety of the user’s personal information. User’s information will be saved in our website’s database and if there is any change regarding the content that is taking place during modification of the website, the user will be well informed on the same.

Gathering Personal Information

There are various available options, using which we secure the user’s personal information. Our website will not exchange the information to a third party without seeking the user’s permission. For processing your request or application on our website, we will be in need of the user’s personal and the billing information as well. The information may include the billing address, credit card credentials like the card number, expiry date on the card etc. All the provided information will be secured with us.


Other third parties and the parties which are not associated with our website will never be able to gain access to the user’s information without the consent of the user. However, in case of any legal actions or requirements and if we feel that the user may possibly be harmful, then we will run out of choices and will be forced to share the information to the relevant and the appropriate authorities.